Advisory and consultancy in customs,
tax and foreign trade matters.

Through our knowledge, we provide advisory and consultancy services regarding customs, tax and foreign trade, with the purpose of reducing costs and expenses in the tax payment, as well as ensure the apropriate compliance of regulations and non-tariff restrictions, NOMS and other required measures in imports and/or exports, moreover we seek to avoid unnecesary penalties that might affect our customers’ property.

Some services provided under the hereby scheme of work are:


Strategic Planning

in accordance to the business’s current operation and detection of oportunity areas.


Permanent consulting by phone,

Email and/or on the website with the main purpose of  inmediately any consultation that may arise by the company regarding daily operations.


Updating law changes

that might affect the importers and exporters’ operation.


Timely follow-up on reports

notices and statements on which companies that manage any kind of development program, customs facilitation, foreign investment, among others are obliged to follow.


Counseling about the appropriate progam management

IMMEX, PROSEC, VAT certification, OEA certification, origin review scheme, among others.


Analysis regarding the possibility to manage

several programs or schemes will which allow us to reduce operational costs and expenses.


Drafting and presentation of any promotion

or criteria confirmation and if necessary the lobbying and bargaining with the competent authority with whom we are seeking to obtain a favorable settlement.


Counseling regarding the appropriate determination of value

in customs of merchandise and their relation with international commercial terms. (INCOTERMS).


Counseling regarding proper foreign trade

Record formation.


Counseling regarding the appropriate operation of the inventory control system

which the company manages and a thorough analysis of the reports issued from annex 24 and 31 for IMMEX companies and in this case for those which possess a VAT certification.


Counseling regarding compliance with rules of origin,

Issuance of certificates and declaration of origin referred to in the various Treaties and Commercial Agreements signed by our country.


Guidance during the authorities’ verification attributions exercise,

drafting and information presentation and/or documentation, extension request, proof submission and pleadings, request for remission and final agreements.