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ICLawyers synonym of expert strategists in Foreign Trade
We are the Mexican law firm specialized in the Customs and Tax Law that reduces risks, prevents sanctions and protects the assets of each of our allies, always based on current legislation. We provide legal security and we recognize the
prevention as the best defense.

We are a group of legal consultants in foreign trade,
specialized in tax and customs law.

At IC Lawyers we have built a solid identity preventing sanctions, property protection and litigation solutions regarding foreign trade with favorable settlements. We provide legal certainty to our customers. We manage and implement tax and custom strategies which prevent penalties, resulting in important savings for our customers.

We offer a outstanding performance in Customs Defense by obtaining favorable settlements in reviews and arguments from the competent authorities related to tax, customs and foreign trade matters, protecting our cutomer’s property. We focus our approach on developing a grater knowledge and experience in solutions with added value to your business.

mision ICLawyers

Our mission

Simplifying and shielding the foreign trade of our customers, with legal certainty and speed.

vision ICLawyers

Our vision

Be the leading firm of legal advisors in foreign trade, recognized as the best option in consulting, legal defense and training in Mexico.

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Altruistic work

For ICLAWYERS it is important to support the most vulnerable groups so that they can join the development and access better welfare conditions, year after year we make economic contributions and donations in kind to the following national and international foundations:

Personality guidelines ICLawyers


We are THE SPECIALISTS in Foreign Trade

We are a legal firm fully focused and with the biggest Foreign Trade knowledge. We are supported by a vast experience in businesses and the sectors operated by our customers. This allows us to advise you on complete strategies as well as tactics for specific scenarios.


Everyone ensured and protected

We must feel that way and make sure our clients feel the same way by always guiding them to perform their administrative, financial and operational tasks correctly since the begining. Thus reducing at most the risk and making sure that the resulsts are accomplished by every party involved.

We are relentless when protecting our clients’ interests. We immediately meet and support them with their legal incidents which stop or pause the natural process of their operations.

somos personas de ley

We are Lawful people

Our performance must always be within the law frame and according to the rights. Me keep our firm’s and clients’ information confidential. We respect rights and oportunity equality at the workplace. We all together make a legal, safe and healthy working environment.


We keep our commitment strong

We strive for excellence to be the best at our field and to update and enhance our services. On our daily actions we contribute value to our clients and our firm. We are trustworthy given that we always meet our agreements.

mantenemos nuestra perpectiva comercial

We keep a commercial perspective

Our main target is to help our clients to achieve their commercial goals. We adapt to their needs by virtue of placing their products out on the national and international market.

We are relentless when protecting our clients’ interests. We immediately meet and support them with their legal incidents which stop or pause the natural process of their operations.

liderazgo en el ADN

Leadership is in our DNA

We are a team of professional experts with a high self-demanding level who work in teams and have a healthy sense of competition for our guild’s leadership.